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Handy Little Box

Came well packaged, delivered in excellent condition, easy to assemble and stores my hat. Glad I bought it.

An Early Review

I like it. I haven't folded it yet so I can't say how it will travel. Otherwise, the hat arrived well packaged and in perfect condition, the materials seem quite good, but I'm not a hat expert, and the construction is also high quality. It fits well and I wear it frequently. I'm happy with my purchase. I'd buy again.

Kay Taylor

My boyfriend loved his birthday gift. It was a little late. And that's ok, because it was worth the wait. Nice hat! Can't wait to get another style.

Authentic Classic
Andrew Fittro
Finally a great hat!

I've tried other vendors' panama hats several times. Finally a vendor with a quality product!

Nice Hat

This hat will set one a step apart from the crowd. Well made, surprisingly durable, and stylish!

Hat cleaning supplies

Best hat cleaner. Works easy and cleans the straw perfectly

Love the hat!

Been looking for this hat for a few years.

Malta Sienna
William Barnes
Beautiful Hat

This hat is great quality, light weight and very comfortable. It’s a beautiful hat. It arrived quickly, packed well in perfect condition.

Classic Boater
Fancy Rob
Great hat, price

I think this is the best skimmer on the market, and at the best price.
I removed the feathers so it wasn't too loud around work, would appreciate a solid navy band option as well!

Maciej Patrzyk

Good quality, elegant finish.

The brim of the hat in the back is very curved upwards. This detracts from the overall impression. Does not correspond to the pictures on the website.

Havana Fedora
Dan Winters

as always the top of the line. no one does it better. this is my 12 th hat

Trevor F.
Lancaster Panama

Really nice panama hat. I received a lot of compliments and it is perfect because you can't find that many black hats that look good. 100% recommend it

Robert Brown
Pineapple Leather Hatband

First Panama that offers a more sustainable alternatives that would protect our planet. Love the natural toquilla straw and the pineapple leather hatband. It has a really nice buffalo concho that makes it look incredible. I love it!

It works

Very nice quality worked well. Quick delivery by Ultrafino

No 3

These hats are of such a lovely quality that we actually now own 3 different hats just exquisitely made. They're heavier than many hats because they are made of the better materials.
Deliveries of boys been good, they've always been very prompt been a pleasure to deal with them will continue to

Excellent investment!

My first Panama Hat and I received multiple compliments straight away! A True Gentlemen's hat. Construction is excellent. Comfortable, wears well and looks great.... Very pleased with this acquisition.


I love every hat I own from Ultrafino but their accessories like the hat sizer straps are waaay overpriced. Especially if you buy them at the same time.

Hand Finished
Doug Davis

Size medium fits my 22 inch head like it was made for it… comfortable right out of the box.


I ordered late Friday and received it Monday. West coast to Tennessee. Wow! It is high quality and does exactly what I needed. Would recommend.

Shirley Loy
I’m in love with my hat!

The hat is super comfy and cute. And is perfect for summer time.
I love it !

Works great!

This product worked as described and saved my straw hat from unraveling. It was delivered in a timely manner, the directions were easy to understand and it dried and stiffened quickly.

Luciano Packable
James Oldham
Best Packable Hat

I love this packable panama. The Luciano is very light weight and looks fancy and stylish! My favorite hat from Ultrafino

Authentic Classic
John Crockett
Great Hat

I dont think I got what I ordered but its still Great. I wanted one exactly the same as my last order, snap brim and a 1.5" ribbon.
I got a flat brim and a 1" ribbon. Still really nice hat though.

Malta Sienna
Stuart Biliack
Malta Sienna - perfect!!

I ordered the Malta Sienna hat on a chance, as I love Panama hats and this one had a more interesting color and design features. It also came in specific sizes, which I always prefer. It is the best summer hat I've ever owned. It fits perfectly and is really sharp. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments, even from strangers. It is built very well and is worth every penny.

Gatsby Fedora
James J Wall
Gatsby Fedora

Great hat. Fits perfectly. The brim is wide enough to protect from the sun without getting in the way of anything else. Very well made