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Wise Shopping

After purchasing three hats, two specifically for summer, I realized they needed protection from sweat stains. I visited some hat shops in my area and searched online, only to come right back to where I started, ie Ultrafino.
It really is a one stop shop for hat essentials. Great products and pricing. Look no further

Wonderful embellishment

It’s amazing how such a simple thing as a few feathers can elevate your fedora.

Gambler Links
rodney marmon

Very good looking hat.

George Nasser
Riff Pork Pie

My 1xRiff fits perfectly and looks even better. It’s well made, feels great, and is comfortable even in summer temperatures. I’m glad I made the decision to get it.

Keith Deluca
Excellent quality

My first hat from ultrfino and it won’t be my last

Sun protection with style

I’m really pleased with this purchase. It’s a stylish, comfortable, good fitting hat that protects from sun damage; good deal.

maybe too late for this hat

It seemed the more tried to patch the more it fell apart. But it did stick and fill the hole that is only noticeable if you look for it.

Authentic Classic
Daniel Miller

Authentic Classic

Great Discovery

Free using menswear collar tape for a sweatband in my hats, I needed something a bit more substantial. Discovered these nifty easy to use sweat bands and they are very comfortable and work like a charm. Essay to apply and remove. I bought multiples toy ave on hand.

Andre Pilette
Great Hat

I ordered a M, and it's a little larger than other brands. It came with foam add-ons, and with those tucked inside, it's a great fit. I often find myself in between sizes, so I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Ken Day
Stylish Summer Hat

This is a great looking hat, and I look good in it as well! I can’t wait to wear it next week on my Lake Michigan vacation!!!

Ultrafino Hat Box
Norah Calderon
Great protection

The box has really good quality overall.. my review is because it is sold separately. My hat got wrinkles during shipping and I had to make this purchase afterwards, which was very dissapointing. The hat itself was poorly protected for shipment.

Manhattan Fedora
Brad Colby
Last hat you'll ever need as a professional

Perfectly contoured, formed and fit. The Manhattan Fedora is a nod to a time gone by when a hat gave the expectation of a gentlemen's personality. Compliments from everyone I meet, this hat sets the standard we should all live up to.

Havana Fedora
Bruce Bowman
Very light and airy. Perfect summer hat

This hat is perfect sun protection on hot summer days. Plenty of ventilation to keep my head cool and dry. Sharp looker too.

David Martin Jr
Great hate but worried about durability

This was my first Panama hat purchase. The hat fits and looks great. I am a little worried about a fey stray pieces of straw that are sticking up around the hat. I’m worried they may lead to more of the straw coming out of its weave. Only time will tell if this hat lasts.

Malta Sienna
Antonio Castillo
No happy

To much damage

Havana Retro
Havana Retro - Style and mystique

I’m ready to start smoking cigars and drinking rum based cocktails. Sweet summer hat! The fit was perfect at 7 1/8 and it’s light and comfortable wearing under the hot summer sun.

Keeps the sweat out of my eyes

The Sweat stain guard assures that I don't get sweat in my eyes AND my hat will always look fresh and stain free.

Really helps on those windy days

I wear my hat mainly when golfing. With the wind we get on the local courses, I was losing my hat regularly before attaching the Chin Strap. Being leather it will be the best attachment for my UltraFina Stetson.

Havana Retro
Barbara Fretchel

A beautiful hat that fits my man perfectly and has a classic look. I wish the band was a bit wider though. Glad I ordered feathers to give it an added touch of color. It was packaged with care and arrived in pristine condition.

Authentic Classic
Timothy Fyle
porta fino

Good detailed work

L J Reed
I Found That Look When I Saw This Fedora

I’m an “Ole School” character lol
This Fedora completes my style.
My first purchase !
I fell in love with this hat right from the first look browsing the online catalog.
The wheat color makes for a perfect everyday work style that fits comfortable.
The weave pattern allows airflow while wearing the hat, which doesn’t get you “overheated “ during the course of the day.
Thanks Ultrafino

Fedora Packable
Rick Cajigas
Nice hat, sizing slightly off

Very nice looking hat but size runs a little on the large side I was concerned that the correct size might be a little small, but it was a shade to big. I just placed a piece of felt under the inside band and the fit was fine.

Rick Cajigas
Nice hat, mediocre sizing

Very nice looking hat but size is slightly off. I was concerned that the correct size might be a little small, but it was a shade to big. I just placed a piece of felt under the inside band and the fit was fine.

Kim Kaufman

I love my hat. The style is great and the fit is perfect