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    Solid Chin Strap

    Purchased this leather chin strap to go along with the Foldable Fedora. It was relatively simple to install and provides flexibility in the event of inclement weather. Looks dressier than other chin straps I have come across, too.

    Well-received gift

    The Foldable Fedora was given as a present and, although it hasn’t yet been folded for an upcoming trip, it has been worn around town. It is well-crafted, durable and effective at warding off the desert sun. Pleased with this purchase.

    Charles C.
    A gem of a store

    I'd been searching for years for a suitable replacement for a beloved Panama hat that I had bought in 2010. I could find nothing that even came close. On a whim, I found Ultrafino with the help of Google Maps, and the visit to their boutique hat store was a joy. I ended up finding the Panama replacement, an upgrade really, and a sturdy drover's hat that will serve me well in the fall and winter. Thank you for your quality hats!

    Monte Carlo
    Chet J.
    What a 'cool' hat

    This is my second Ultrafino and is great for hot weather. It really does cool your head as the breeze blows or you are walking. The evaporative cooling is wonderful.

    Bob C.
    Five stars

    Great service and quality you guys are my hat go to keep them coming

    Havana Retro
    Stephen H.

    Great hat!! Received a lot of compliments !! Fits perfect!!!

    Doug L.
    Great hat

    Looks good feels good.Short brim and vented , perfect for the summer on a windy day. Won’t blow off. I bought another style, just like it in white.

    Golf Scoop

    Love the look!!

    Havana Retro
    Mark R.B.S.
    Excellent fit! Excellent quality!

    Fit, quality & look are perfect I will be ordering a few more!

    First short brim, Straw hat in my collection

    Very well-made and fit perfect right out of the box. Many compliments and it’s the perfect answer for wearing a hat on a windy day.Vent’s well,short brim. Just bought the white one that seems very similar.

    Havana Retro
    Rene D.
    Amazing Looking Hat

    Purchased this hat using the sizing instructions. The hat arrived pretty much destroyed by the post office. I contacted customer service and they sent a replacement. The replacement arrived and I couldn’t be happier. It fits perfectly, the quality is outstanding and it looks amazing. I’ll be purchasing the packable Panama in the near future.

    Havana Retro
    Rene C.
    Loving it

    This is second hat I buy from Ultrafino, they are of the best quality of all the others I have from others hat makers. I’m replacing with this Havana Retro one of the other brands, I’m very pleased. Thanks

    Dennis L.
    Light is the head that wears this Crown

    I love the hat. It looks and feels great, and I hardly know it’s there. If fits differently, however, from most of my other hats. The crown is shorter, and the hat doesn’t sit low or tight on my forehead. It’s a great hat, and I recommend it, but I won’t wear it outside on breezy days. Other hats fit that bill.

    Hand Finished
    Chet J.
    Love this hat...

    I did quite a bit of research on 'panama' hats and companies providing them and decided to buy from Ultrafino. Absolutely not disappointed... Fit perfect and so light that I can't feel it while wearing. Haven't experienced hot temps in it yet but in the warm spring sun, hasn't been hot at all.


    I lil that it doesn’t have the fake fur tickling my face. Nice and warm at -20°F.


    High quality Fedora hat is a stylish addition to my collection of hats that are an integral part of my personality as I wear them throughout the year, regularly changing what I wear as the seasons change.

    Havana Retro
    Jose G.V.

    El sombrero es unico y estoy bien complacido y contento.

    Sydney Outback
    William B.
    High quality and stylish.

    The Sydney Outback, like all hats I’ve bought from Ultrafino, is exquisite quality and style. I have a 7 3/4 size. The 2XL was a little too large. Using the sizing tape made it fit just right. It’s a very comfortable, high quality hat that I’ve come to expect from Ultrafino.

    Easy to use. convenient. works perfectly. What else could u ask for.

    Nice hat

    As good as the hat looks on line. When I took it out of the I was truly empressed. This hay is a"work of art". When My wife wears it the question is allways the same "where did you get that hat?" I have bought 5 hats from these guys and will keep doing so

    Russ S.
    Drover is the ultimate cool-weather fedora!

    Very happy with this one! I needed a good hat for the cool fall/winter weather. I'm hard to fit as a 7 1/2, and the fit's perfect. Got the black one and dressed it up with a gray hatband (for contrast - the included black hatband would've been fine, too) and a nice feather. Durable and well-made, very happy to add this one to the collection and I find myself reaching for it every time I go out now!

    Ibiza Fedora
    Stella R.

    This Hat has so much class . I love wearing them both winter or summer and always fit like glove .

    Robert A.
    Best Hat

    This is one of the best hats I have ever bought it fits great.It’s very well made.It took a bit to get due to the postal company not the firm but that was sorted within days after I contacted them.

    Sydney Outback
    Batman S.

    Elegante y diseño perfecto gran calidad! Gracias ultrafino

    Best thing for shipping a hat!

    Having had other not-so-good experiences, this hat box is the right choice if you want more assurance of receiving your hat in good condition.