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Based on 2008 reviews
Brentwood Western
Ken Pospiech
Brentwood Western

I put this hat on and it was a perfect fit
I’m so happy that I bought it

Santa Fe
Juan Carlos Menendez

The quality is better than any other Panama hat I have ever owned. This will be the only hat I will ever buy again

Joseph Bain
Favorite Summer Hat

This is my second Monaco because I gave my first to a friend. These hats are handcrafted and the most beautiful panama hats I have ever seen and if properly taken care of they will last for years.

I recomend you look at a video ot the hats being hand woven and you will see they are works of art. I get compliments everytime I wear it.

L. Belle
Happiness on my head

I love my Ultrafino hat. Every time I wear it, I just feel happy — that vacation happy feeling! It is gorgeous, well made and ultra stylish.

Paul Lashton Crown repair strips

simple and easy to use

Gambler Links
Kenneth C Taylor
Class on the Course

The hat is a perfect fit when you add the supplied hat filler, was able to add just enough to make a snug fit with deforming the hat but stays on while riding in the golf cart. The hat stays cool since its a straw hat and the wide brim keeps my ears and the back of my neck from getting red while concentrating on the golf course. Wearing my sunglasses is also a HUGE benefit as the hat sits high enough to allow my glasses to sit flat on my head without being forced under the brim, huge plus there!
I get compliments about the hat every time I wear it, whether it be in the golf course, to Church or just out on the town. The hat is full of style without being over the top, the shape is refined and the fit is great!
Great Job Ultrafino!!

great strap

well made, good quality, clever design

Robert Harboe
Premium product

This is a premium product, that i will recomend to any one, who is looking for a comfortable well made hat.

Robert Harboe.

Ultrafino Hat Box
Great storage boxes

These are a great choice for storing your hat upside down. However, they *just* fit inside their shipping box, and it looks like at some point the shipping box landed on its corner, damaging the corner of one of the hat boxes.

Protectant leaked significantly

Pros: The brush is nice and soft. The items in the kit were individually wrapped in sealed plastic. The sprayer on the protectant has an excellent fine mist distribution.
Cons: The top for the protectant was not (and cannot be) screwed on straight. The protectant leaked inside its shrink wrap. The other items were undamaged, but I only received 2/3 of a usable bottle of protectant. The protectant smells of acetone.

Mary Brents

My husband bought this beautiful hat for me after our doberman ate my other one. This hat is beautiful, classic and elegant. I assure you, this will be the best looking hat at whatever event you go to.

English Optimo
Stan Kula
Finest hat I have in my collection.

I have been buying colonial style Panama hats for over 10 years. This one is the highest quality. Extremely satisfied.

Havana Retro
Ammos Chorny
Outstanding Hat!

Perfect size and shape...

Fedora Packable
Bayartsengel Gongorsuren

Fits perfect and luxury

Ernie Daniels
Balboa - Just like Rocky this is winner

I love this hat in hot weather. It help keep my head cool and it looks cool. The lighter color goes perfectly with anything. I dropped into the store when on a trip to Seattle and was welcomed with awesome service. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for that perfect Panama Hat. The owners are from Ecuador and have a good selection.

Havana Retro
Thomas Lee Barrett
Classic hat

I love the Havana Retro. It is a nice fit and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

Monte Carlo
Consavage Terry
Monte Carlo

This is the second Monte Carlo hat that I have purchased. It is an excellent golf hat: wide brim, good ventilation, excellent quality of workmanship.

Ivan Zuñiga Santamaria
Great hat!!!

It’s very nice, and the atention for Customer Service very clear!!! Thanks!!!

Nice hat; should have better sizing

Pros: Dressy, straw bow is classier than a trailing ribbon, light weight, able to wear while driving without the brim getting squashed by the headrest. Looks like a "real" hat rather than a piece of junk you bought at a shop next to the beach.
Con: I needed a 60cm size. I went with the 59 on the grounds that it's usually windy around here. It fits snugly and squashes my curly hair, but I prefer that to jamming a bunch of foam strips in a larger hat. It would be nice and non-descriminatory if the feminine styles came in all the sizes like the rest of the hats, instead of every-other size. People who chose feminine hats do not have heads that only come in every-other size.

Gambler Links
Mitchell White
The Gambler

I've received numerous compliments and questions about where I got my hat and how great it looks! It is very comfortable and I am proud to have purchased it and I recommend Ultrafino as the company to go to for classic hats.

Portofino Enzo
Smart looking Hat

The Portofino Enzo is one smart looking hat with the green band and green feather. The snap brim makes the hat very versatile depending on the mood you wish to express. Wear it often!

Havana Fedora
Michael Shryack
Havana Fedora

Quality straw hat. Very well constructed and fits perfect! Highly recommend!

Fedora Packable
Stylish and great quality

This hat looks great, fits great, and keeps me cool in the sun.

Dan Emery
Great hat

Great Ecuadorian Panama hat. Arrived quickly, no hassles. Was in Ecuador, saw hats just like this. Sized perfectly. Will get a lot of use this summer!

Verano Hatband
Jim Wessen
Great Panama hat band.

Great Panama Hat Band. Liked it so much on my Ultrafino Retro Panama hat, I ordered the other two hat bands as well