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(3/28/2020) Announcement from the Ultrafino Team:

Thank you for your continued business. You have no idea how much your support means to us during these times. As a local family business, we've been incredibly grateful to still have orders coming in and support from loyal customers like you. We won't lie, we are definitely feeling the economic impacts of the current world events so every order helps keep our team, including our weavers in Ecuador, employed so we can all have some peace-of-mind in these uncertain times. We've stepped up our warehouse cleanings, all packages incoming & outgoing undergo an Ozone Sterilization treatment, and staggered work hours or sent those who can work remotely home in an effort to protect our team. Thank you for your support and here's to a time in the near future where we can be out and about with our friends and family enjoying the sun, wearing our favorite hat of course.

- Ultrafino Team