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Summer 2017 Collection

Ayers Vented Safari Panama Hat


Named after the massive sandstone monolith in the heart of Australia's Northern Territory. A hat worthy of conquering the Australian outback or the African Safari. Made from handwoven Toquilla straw and finished with a genuine leather hatband. The crown features a subtle ventilated weave pattern ...
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Balboa Vented Straw Panama Hat


A fascinating and unique summer Panama hat. Made from toquilla straw in Ecuador and finished in the USA with a black sweatband and an elaborate chevron pattern grosgrain band. The crown features a vented weave pattern that allows your head to stay comfortably cool during the warm summer days.
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Bergamo Solid Color Hatband


Simple yet undoubtedly elegant. Change up the style of your hat with these solid color hatbands. An Interchangeable replacement hatband for brimmed hats. Our hatbands allow you to easily change the accent band on your hat to match your personal style. Made by a local Seattle artisan.  Hat Band ...
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Bora Bora Fedora Straw Panama Hat


A hat as alluring and exotic as the island it is named after. The Bora Bora comes in three hatbands vibrant like the turquoise waters, the green coconuts, and the pink island flowers of Bora Bora. The straw is on the stiffer side allowing the front of the brim to be placed up or down. Unique like...
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Dallas Gambler Vented Straw Hat


Whether you're gambling at the high stakes table or trying to stay cool on a midsummer's day, the Dallas gambler is hat of choice. Made of durable and extremely lightweight toyo straw. Finished with a breathable moisture wicking sweatband and a leather hatband.  Brim Size: 2.75" inches
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Fedora Monaco Straw Panama Hat


One of our finest hats to date. This hat features extremely tightly woven straw and a golf bag charm. The perfect hat for a gentleman who loves golf and prefers high-quality and finer taste. Handwoven in Ecuador and finished in Seattle.
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Mediterranean Traveler Packable Panama Hat


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Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia? This hat is willing to travel to the most exotic and beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Handwoven in Ecuador from toquilla straw and finished with a grosgrain black hatband. Just like our Fedora Packable, this hat is completely crushable. It is able to ...
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Piran Fedora Panama Hat With Golf Charm


For travelers and golf enthusiasts. The straw is dyed in a unique brown wheat color and paired with a brown hat band embellished with a golf bag charm. Comes with a brown cotton sweatband. The inside of the crown is reinforced with a canvas v-strip to prevent cracking. Handwoven in Ecuador and fi...
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Sahara Straw Safari Panama Hat


A hat worthy of accompanying you through the desert and through scorching heat. The Sahara is a durable Panama hat that features a moderately stiff body and a reinforced crown. The hat is finished with a chevron pattern leather hatband. 100% Handwoven toquilla straw. Brim Size: 2.5" inches
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Tellaro Western Straw Panama Hat


Made from 100% toquilla straw. This hat is built stiff and durable with a reinforced crown. The perfect hat for working long hours on the ranch. The wide brim offers excellent protection from the sun. Finished with a brown sweatband and a genuine leather hatband. Handwoven in Ecuador and finished...
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Tie Dye Headbands Or Replacement Hatbands


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A versatile band that can be worn on your head as a headband or on your hat as a hatband. The cloth of the headband is elastic allowing it to easily fit a wide range of sizes from small (6 7/8) to XL (7 5/8). Made by hand in Seattle by a local artisan and dyed using non-toxic dyes.
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Valteri Vented Fedora Panama Hat


A finely woven Panama hat with a vented crown. This hat features the elegance of a classic fedora with a touch of ventilation and uniqueness. Perfect for outdoor weddings or any warm outdoor event. Handwoven in Ecuador from the Toquilla Palm and hand finished in the US.
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Verano Floral Pattern Hatband


Add a vibrant summer pop to your brimmed hat. Introducing our floral pattern hatbands featuring hibiscus flowers, palm trees, and colorful leafs.  An Interchangeable replacement hatband for brimmed hats. Our hatbands allow you to easily change the accent band on your hat to match your personal s...
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Panama Hat History

The Complete Panama Hat History

What country makes Panama hats? Where do Panama hats come from? We’ve noticed a lot of misinformation floating around the internet about the origin of Panama hats, and as a central authority in Panama hats, we feel it’s our job at Ultrafino to give you the official Panama hat history
May 11, 2018
Panama hat

How to Store Your Hats At Home

A beautiful and well-made hat is a style investment that you can enjoy for many years. However, if the hat is stored incorrectly this can cause damage and make your hat look worse for wear before its time. If you have treated yourself to a high quality Ecuadorian woven Panama hat, don’t cheapen its appearance by storing it incorrectly. This article will offer some valuable tips for storing your hat at home.
April 14, 2017
Caring For Your Panama Hat

Caring For Your Panama Hat

Panama hats are special due to their construction and the materials involved. Your Panama hat was woven together with straw, and if it’s a genuine Panama hat, it was made from toquilla straw using the traditional Ecuadorian weaving process. This process takes a lot of time and precision, making your Panama hat cost more than its disingenuous counterpart. Needless to say, each Panama hat is a unique work of art which means you need to take care of it properly in order to maintain it.

September 01, 2016