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    Looking to prevent sweat stains while also getting a better fit for your hat? These highly absorbent inserts can easily be applied to any of your hats in seconds! They'll keep sweat from your eyes whether you're wearing your hat for a night of dancing, or relaxing at the beach on a hot day. They can also be used to reduce the size of a hat that fits too large. They're made of a soft, lightweight, and comfortable polyester that can effortlessly be used and replaced with any type of hat, making it a must-have for any hat wearer!

    • 100% Polyester
    • 2-Step Process: Peel off the backing from the adhesive, apply to the inner lining of the hat
    • Each pack contains 2 inserts
    • Keeps hats clean & comfy

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Richsrd F.
    fit and function

    the sweatbands install easily and do the job. If you plan to use them (eg, in a hat for golfing) keep in mind that this sweatband takes up just a bit of room. For me, it made a perfect fit from a hat just a tad large, and when I get a haircut...

    John J.
    Worked Perfectly

    The Paul Lashton Sweat stain guard insert installed easily and sized my hat down an 1/8". The material is comfortable. No other description but Worked Perfectly!
    John J

    Brunilda M.

    Amazing product!!!!!

    A Nice Accessory...

    The PAUL LASHTON SWEAT STAIN-GUARD INSERT is a quality piece and serves a dual purpose, allowing for a slightly snugger fit and extending the life of the sweatband...

    greg c.
    Hat stand

    Sweat band is very easy to put in and makes the hat for perfectley

    E. A.
    Does All It Should Do Plus More

    It’s satisfying when a product does what it is supposed to do. But these inserts do even more than that.

    Let’s start with what it is supposed to do: Absorb sweat, so that the hat itself does not get stained. It’ll do that. But it also serves as a size reducer. Which a lot of us need. When reduced, the insert makes for a smoother fit than the usual reducing tape does.

    Additionally, if you insert it as directed—on the OUTSIDE of the sweatband, the hat is more comfortable to wear. Because the insert is a soft cushion for your head.

    These days when so many products on the market fail to live up to what they claim to do, it’s refreshing to find one like this that actually does even more.