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  • April 07, 2017 2 min read

    We get your problem. Keeping your fine Panama hat safe while traveling can be perplexing, especially if you are flying. Such a situation can create a lot of questions in your head, ranging from stashing it in the overhead chamber and leaving its safety to the courtesy of your fellow passengers or asking your flight attendant for its safe keeping. There are certain hacks to flying with your hat that can save you a lot of distress and we list them below.

    Wearing Your Hat on the Flight

    If you are not one who gets worked up over social gaffes, this is the perfect solution for you. In the US, a lot of people keep wearing their hats while traveling and thus you probably wouldn't be alone on the flight with a hat on. If you are tall enough, your hat's brim would sit flush over your seat's backrest and you can save it from even the tiniest of squashing. You can always remove and hold it before you land, to save some discomfort from prying eyes.

    Put It Brim Side Up

    If you are traveling business class, you probably have a lot of space between your seat and the one in front of you. You can put your hat in the area below your front seat, in between your legs. And always remember to put it brim side up. No one with an evenly shaped Panama hat should ever make the mistake of putting it crown side up!

    Use a Hat Carrier

    The most foolproof method of saving your hat is to get a hat carrier. Not only does it safeguard your hat, it also saves you a lot of trouble of clutching onto your hat while traveling. With your hat inside the carrier, you can safely stash it away in the cabin over your head, and not worry about the hat getting squished between baggage while on transit.

    Put in on the Front Tray

    Sometimes if you are lucky enough, the seat next to you might be empty. This gives you an excuse to keep the hat on the front tray of that seat (again, brim side up) and have a happy journey without worrying about its safety. But then again, this isn't a reliable way because it leaves the hat's future to chance. It is always better to plan ahead and make sure you and your hat have a good experience flying out.
    Man with Panama Hat Image credit: Celine Massa/Flickr/CC BY 2.0