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Venicia Gambler Wide Brim Panama Straw Hat




You will see this hat everywhere in Venice. The watery canals that snake through the city of boats are rich with activity and life. One of the most interesting things about the Venetian city is the ferry gondolas. Almost all the gondoliers wear the Venetian Gambler Wide Brim Style Panama Hat as they gently row their way through the sunny Italian city.  Tourists commonly purchase these fine hats as souvenirs or to keep the sun off their heads and shoulders as they sip wine or coffee in one of Venice's splendid outdoor cafes. You wont have to travel all the way to Italy to purchase this sharp Panama hat! Now you can get get your very own Venetian Gambler Wide Brim Panama Hat thanks to your friends at Ultrafino Panama Hat. We have done all the work necessary to locate and bring these beautiful hats to you.  This panama hat protects against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. This Panama hat features a creased crown for extra durability and has an ultra wide brim for ultimate sun protection. The brim is curled up at the end so it will keep its shape indefinitely. Each Ultrafino Panama hat is a real work of art. All are hand-made and unique. You will never find two hats that are the same.

  • Brim Size: About 3 -3 1/2 Inches Wide
  • Crown Height: About 4 3/8 - 4 1/2 inches


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