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Paul Lashton Straw Hat Stiffener Set

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The Paul Lashton premium straw stiffening solution is specifically designed for organic fibers and helps to retain your Panama hat's shape. Simply spray areas of the product you desire to be stiffened and allow to dry.

Also included is the Paul Lashton cleaning brush that is made of genuine horsehair to provide effective cleaning of dirt and grime as well as the overall longevity of the brush. The bristles are 100% mane hair (instead of tail blends), which has minimal shedding and is soft enough to use on delicate straws. Works great with felt and wool hats as well.


1. Brush off and clean any dirt or dust on the hat.

2. Holding the bottle upright, evenly spray entire hat from 6 to 8 away. Do not oversaturate.

3. Allow hat to dry for at least 24 hours. A second coating if you require a stronger stiffening effect.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen White
Great Customer Service

I recently stopped into the Ultrafino shop to inquire about having repairs and maintenance done to a favorite hat of mine. The lady who assisted me was genuinely interested in helping me and provided solution options that made it a very satisfying visit. I am pleased to know that this fine production and retail facility is in my neighborhood and will return.

Jerry lee
Saved my hat

Did a great job