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  • Before Buying A Montecristi Hat

    So, you are interested in buying the most legendary dress hat in history? The iconic and revered Montecristi hat is more of an art piece than a wardrobe addition. 

    Information regarding our Montecristi hats:

    • Each Montecristi we get is 100% authentic, woven in Montecristi, Ecuador by master weavers.
    • Within the inside of the crown, there is an ink marking which is the master weaver's signature. 
    • The size you see is the only size available for that style. We can help you find a similar style but note that each Montecristi is unique. Only one style and size is produced by the weaver. Because of this, each Montecristi is extremely rare and collectible.
    • There is only one unit in stock per listing. Once it is sold out, it's sold out for good. 
    • Generally, the price is calculated by grade and time taken to produce. A lower grade Montecristi might be more expensive than a higher grade one if the low-grade one utilizes specialized weaving patterns.
    • Montecristis come with a complimentary hat box. 
    • A traditional Ecuadorian display box is also included with your purchase. Although historically Montecristis were rolled up and stored in this box, we strongly advise against rolling up your hat. This box is meant to store your authenticity certificate only.

    Ordering a Montecristi from us:

    • All sales are final on all Montecristis. We cannot offer returns or exchanges. We strive to provide as much information on our product page as possible but if you need more information or pictures before purchasing, feel free to contact us
    • Montecristis are shipped with signature confirmation. You must be present at the time of delivery. 
    • We do our best to ensure your Montecristi is safe during shipping. If for some reason your hat arrives damaged. You are eligible for a refund only if send us a picture of the package and how it arrived within 1 hour of delivery. For this reason, we recommend opening up your package as soon as you receive it. 

    Perks of buying a Montecristi from Ultrafino.com:

    • You are entitled to 10 years of free minor repairs. If any stitches ever come out or if your hat loses its shape we will repair your hat for free. Minor cracks can be patched but significant damage is not covered. Shipping cost not included.
    • We allow customization. If you would like to change the hatband or sweatband, contact us before purchasing. We can also do embroidery.