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Fedora Packable

Natural with Black Hatband
Natural with Turquoise and Leather Patterned Hatband
Natural with Light Brown Braided Leather Hatband
Natural with Dark Brown Braided Leather Hatband
Natural with Braided Jute Rope Hatband
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Fedora Packable is a classic fedora with a center dent crown that features a foldable breathable straw weave, a flexible medium brim, an absorbent sweatband, and a variety of hatbands made of grosgrain, leather, or rope. This item is a genuine Panama Hat handwoven in Ecuador.

Material: 100% Toquilla Straw
Brim: 2 3/4" 
Crown: 4 3/8" center dent
Hatband: 1" grosgrain, 5/8" leather or jute rope
Climate: Sun

Handwoven in Ecuador. Hand-finished in the US. Measurements are approximate, this is a handwoven product and actual measurement may slightly vary.


The art of weaving — whether it’s a tapestry or an article of clothing — represents an important livelihood for many men and women in Ecuador. In particular, the small village of Montecristi or Cuenca is internationally renowned for the high quality it’s weaving — of “Panama Hats”. And before you think this is a typo, believe it or not, Panama hats have always come from Ecuador…not Panama!

Panama hats are made from toquilla straw, hand-split into strands not much thicker than thread and woven so finely, at first a Panama hat appears to be made from linen. Each Panama hat is woven by a single artisan, hand-blocked, and takes months to complete.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews
    Great quality ,look and fit

    Very impressed with the quality, looks and fit. Have received several comments on the hat. Ordered the water repellant kit as it is likely to get got in rain occasionally.
    Staff was very helpful is selecting right style and fit.

    Where have all the good hat shops gone

    Where have all the good hat shops gone. I have been looking for a hat shop and I found Ultrafino hat shop Nice variety of Panama hats the service was excellent the clerk was knowledgeable and had a good eye for detail she is the architect of hats and faces nice to have a good hat store .

    The perfect gift for the hat lover in your life

    How do you know a great product? It's gifted, worn daily for four years until it begins to show wear (by a very active hiker), and said giftee suggests they might be ready for another. DONE. Next step is get one for myself!


    So far so good

    The Great Gatsby Takes a Trip

    My Gatsby has been to Greece, Crete, and Germany and several states in the US It has protected by head for several hundred holes of golf. But, alas, it is showing its age and has a few age spots of its own (I can relate)! Plus, packable makes air travel a little less stressful when trying to catch a few winks with out crushing the rim.
    So, the crushable fedora seemed like the just the ticket! It is comfortable, stylish, cool, protective, and CRUSHABLE! And I have a stylish hat without a sweat stain around the crown! Have no fear, Gatsby retains his golfing flair!