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This stylish lightweight hat is perfect to wear when relaxing or having fun during those hot summer days. Whether it's at the beach or venturing on an island, its soft cushioned inner sweatband, as well as its sturdy flexible brim offers great sun protection that'll keep you comfortable and cool. Its high-quality weave along with its classic Fedora shape will leave quite a fashionable impression on others. It also includes a genuine exotic feather that can be kept or removed depending on your desired appearance.

Material: Straw
Brim: 2 1/2" snap
Crown: 4 3/8" teardrop
Hatband: 1 5/8" cotton
Climate: Sun

If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size. A looser fit is recommended as you can use hat size reducer tape to help nail the perfect fit.

Included with this hat:

1 Paul Lashton Protect & Repair Crown Insert with Adhesive Backing

  • The easiest way to protect your prized hat. If you have owned a straw hat for long enough, you've probably discovered that over time the crown of the hat can begin to crack. This can be from frequent pinching of the crown (which you shouldn't do) or from simple wear and tear. This insert is designed to protect and prevent cracking of the crown. Simply peel and stick onto the inner crown of your hat. Made with an adhesive backing that’s been formulated to last a long time and not leave behind any adhesive if chosen to remove.

2 Hat Size Reducer Strips 4”

  • Have a hat that fits a little too loose on your head? Use a size reducer strip to easily give your hat a more snug and perfect fit! Just peel the back from the adhesive and stick it behind the sweatband of the hat. With the use of two strips, your hat can be reduced to about 1/2 of a size!

Rituals have a purpose. To care for your Ultrafino hat, follow these simple step-by-step tips:

1. To maintain its shape, lift the hat using both the front and back brim with both hands. Do not take the hat from the dome.

2. Avoid hanging the hat always on the same side.

3. To remove dust, keep the straw elastic or remove small stains from the straw, apply PAUL LASHTON STRAW HAT CLEANING KIT on the affected area. Avoiding the engraved gold Ultrafino logo.

4. If the hat gets wet, dab it with a soft cloth and let it dry in a ventilated place away from direct light and heat, for better protection of your Panama hat add PAUL LASHTON STRAW HAT REPELLENT KIT.

5. If the hat is rollable, do not leave it folded for more than 48 hours. Keep the hat away from direct light, humidity, and heat.

6. If you need to re-shape or to preserve the shape of the Panama straw hat use PAUL LASHTON PREMIUM STRAW HAT STIFFENER KIT.

* Ultrafino does not assume responsibility for damage to the product resulting from alternative use or care that is not compliant with the instructions provided here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Dallas Hunter
Review of 'The Bogart' from Ultrafino.

I received my new Panama hat 'The Bogart' from Ultrafino in good condition, nicely padded in it's shipping box, with plastic & a foam 'hat ring' to hold it snuggly. The hat is of a fine, quality weave, and I have all ready gotten compliments on it as I wore it for my birthday party which was the reason I bought it in the first place. I'm going to Florida in January, and it will serve me quite well there.

Vito S.
Tailor's Son

Great hat with a classic look. Lightweight but durable. Highly recommend it!

David Fowler
The hat I've been looking for!

It's strange how small details in the design and construction of a hat can make such a difference in how it fits and looks. I've tried different "Panama" style hats at different price points, but this is by far superior, and reasonably-priced at that. I'll still wear some of the others for grimy, sweaty days, but for something like the wedding reception I'm going to, this will be the top choice.

Tommy Jones
Great straw hat.

The fit was perfect. I have received lots of compliments.

Sun protection with style

I’m really pleased with this purchase. It’s a stylish, comfortable, good fitting hat that protects from sun damage; good deal.

Lee Ristick