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Hand Finished

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Hand Finished is a safari-style fedora with a blocked reinforced teardrop crown and features a thin leather hatband, a wide stiffened brim, and a plush breathable sweatband. The brim is fixed down in the front and back while containing a wire to hold its shape. This item is a genuine Panama Hat handwoven in Ecuador.

Material: 100% Toquilla Straw
Brim: 3" fixed
Crown: 4 1/8” Teardrop
Hatband: 5/8” leather
Climate: Sun

Handwoven in Ecuador. Hand-finished in the US. Measurements are approximate, this is a handwoven product and actual measurement may slightly vary.

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    To begin with, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The hat itself is a work of art and the fit coupled with the style makes this one of my favorites brims. Shipping was fast and the packaging was top-notch. I will be purchasing for Ultrafino in the near future.

    David DeGraaf

    Hand Finished

    Jon Work
    Thumbs Up !

    Out of the box this hat was perfection. The wife and I went to an outdoor Art Fair last Sunday. I wore my new Hand Finished and I cant tell you how many thumbs up I got and "hey nice hat". The quality is better than I expected and gives me the protection from the Arizona sun I was hoping for.

    Daniel Berglund
    Great Panama Hats

    Thank you very much for the great service !!
    Thank you !!

    S Patrick Acton
    My every day warm weather hat.

    I’m born and bred in the great state of Alabama (69 years). Anyone that’s been down South in the summer knows what hot and humid really means. Except for church, this is what I wear. It looks great and breathes better.