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    The Portofino Enzo is a Panama hat that features an original exquisite hatband. The beautiful colorful feather compliments the leather hatband. The snap brim can be folded down or up to give a classic or modern style. This item is a genuine Panama hat handwoven in Ecuador and hand-finished in Seattle, Washington.  This style is a Limited Edition.

    Material: 100% straw

    Brim: approx 2 5/8 inches

    crown: approx 4 1/4 inches

    Hatband: approx 1 inch

    Climate: Spring-Summer

    Handwoven in Ecuador. Hand-finished in the US. Measurements are approximate, this is a handwoven product and actual measurement may slightly vary.

    f your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size. A looser fit is recommended as you can use hat size reducer tape to help nail the perfect fit.

    Rituals have a purpose. To care for your Ultrafino hat, follow these simple step-by-step tips:

    1. To maintain its shape, lift the hat using both the front and back brim with both hands. Do not take the hat from the dome.

    2. Avoid hanging the hat always on the same side.

    3. To remove dust, keep the straw elastic or remove small stains from the straw, apply PAUL LASHTON STRAW HAT CLEANING KIT on the affected area. Avoiding the engraved gold Ultrafino logo.

    4. If the hat gets wet, dab it with a soft cloth and let it dry in a ventilated place away from direct light and heat, for better protection of your Panama hat add PAUL LASHTON STRAW HAT REPELLENT KIT.

    5. If the hat is rollable, do not leave it folded for more than 48 hours. Keep the hat away from direct light, humidity, and heat.

    6. If you need to re-shape or preserve the shape of the Panama straw hat use PAUL LASHTON PREMIUM STRAW HAT STIFFENER KIT.

    * Ultrafino does not assume responsibility for damage to the product resulting from alternative use or care that is not compliant with the instructions provided here.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      David Phillip Beal
      My wife even named her new cat "Enzo"

      This is a terrific hat. A beautiful weave that is quite soft but also retains its shape perfectly. I get nothing but compliments. Very comfortable. I love it.

      A size note. -- All my life I have been a very reliable seven and a quarter. I have now got 3 Ultrafinos, and they all fit perfectly as seven and a quarters. That should give you confidence in ordering.

      I have been to the Ultrafino shop and factory twice, a little north of Seattle. They're really nice people and very helpful.

      Smart looking Hat

      The Portofino Enzo is one smart looking hat with the green band and green feather. The snap brim makes the hat very versatile depending on the mood you wish to express. Wear it often!

      Bob Carey

      So far you guys are great hope we can see more