Gatsby Fedora

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Made for the highly cultivated or those who enjoy sophistication and style. If your fashion taste buds are attuned to the custom mix of tradition and contemporary, then you will find this genuine Panama hat just the right accessorizing ingredient for your wardrobe. Hand-woven and hand-blocked making it a work of art. This hat exudes elegance and style.

It's no secret that one's wardrobe cannot be completed without the perfect accessory; look no further than the Gatsby Fedora. With a quality that suits your style of living, this hat's suave and sophisticated look will have others mistake you for a Hollywood star. Its meticulous hand construction gives the hat a superior fit and durability. Indeed, a hat that makes a statement to anyone's appearance.

  • Brim Width: 2 1/2 Inches
  • Crown Height: 4 3/8 Inches
  • Brim and crown measurements may vary slightly since this product is handwoven

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brings out my inner Raymon Reddington!!

I have always worn a traditional real felt fedora during the colder months... just never found a decent panama fedora for summer time. I researched quite a bit and not willing to put out 1K plus for a (straw) hat, I took a chance with the Gatsby. It is perfect!!! I like the shorter crown, it is comfortable and even like the cloth instead of leather sweat band.. Leather is terrible as a sweatband in hot weather... winter fedora's ok... but not what this is for. The form is great and I'll wear it for the rest of the summer and see how it holds up,,, If it does as I expect, I will be shopping for next summer on this site and try out another style or 2. Oh, and did I say I have a big head and Ultrafino has my size???

Exactly like I envisioned!

I love the feel of the hat and casual, yet elegant, image it portrays! Perfect fit, beautifully woven, not stiff but retains shape well!

A great looking Panama

I bought my first Gatsby 5 years ago. Over the years, it has gotten quite a bit sweat stained, so I relegated it to my around the house/yard hat and ordered another one. This hat gets more compliments than any other hat I own.

I do prefer the older stretchy inner band, but both are very comfortable.

Store visit

The hat is great, I was a little put off trying to get into the store on a Friday.. Web site said it was open but no one was there. Had to drive another 200 Miles RT to get the hat. Personnel was very helpful.

Great experience

I bought a fine Ecuadorian ("Panama") hat from these nice and knowledgeable people. I was a very good experience and it is a great hat. Well worth it, and it saved me a trip to Ecuador.