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Paul Lashton Sweat Stain-Guard Insert


Sweat Guard Video

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Looking to prevent sweat stains while also getting a better fit for your hat? These highly absorbent inserts can easily be applied to any of your hats in seconds! They'll keep sweat from your eyes whether you're wearing your hat for a night of dancing, or relaxing at the beach on a hot day. They can also be used to reduce the size of a hat that fits too large. They're made of a soft, lightweight, and comfortable polyester that can effortlessly be used and replaced with any type of hat, making it a must-have for any hat wearer!

  • 100% Polyester
  • 2-Step Process: Peel off the adhesive backing, apply to the inner lining of the hat
  • Each pack contains 2 inserts
  • Keeps hats clean & comfy

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great Discovery

Free using menswear collar tape for a sweatband in my hats, I needed something a bit more substantial. Discovered these nifty easy to use sweat bands and they are very comfortable and work like a charm. Essay to apply and remove. I bought multiples toy ave on hand.

Scott Nulton
Keeps the sweat out of my eyes

The Sweat stain guard assures that I don't get sweat in my eyes AND my hat will always look fresh and stain free.

Edward Reeves
So simple yet so effective!

This sweat stain guard couldn’t be easier to install in your Panama hat, and it does the job! Just realize that using the sweat guard will make your hat fit a little more snug than before. The guard has an adhesive on the back that secures it firmly over the hat’s sweat band. It will not slip or peel off accidentally. And it does absorb sweat. It’s a good product.

Troy R Hosler
In sett works great

Works great as a filler for sizing, holds a lot of moisture, a challenge to dry out quickly.

Stephen Linden
Easy to install.

Easy to install and comfortable to wear.