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Paul Lashton Protect & Repair Crown Inserts with Adhesive Backing

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Adhesive Crown Repair Patches

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Premium Patch Adhesive Crown Repair Inserts For Panama Straw Hats

The easiest and most affordable way to protect your prized hat. If you have owned a straw hat for long enough, you've probably discovered that over time the crown of the hat can begin to crack. This can be from frequent pinching (which you shouldn't do) or from simple wear and tear. At Paul Lashton we've known for a while that this issue can cause some heartbreak, imagine having your thousand dollar Montecristi crack, so we designed what we believe to be the best crown inserts to either protect and prevent the straw from cracking or if it has already cracked, to patch and prevent further cracking.

Made with a premium adhesive backing, just peel and stick into the inner crown of any straw or Panama hat. The adhesive we have chosen to use is formulated to last a long time and not leave behind any adhesive if you chose to remove it. This is perfect for prized collectors' hats if you ever choose to resell or gift them.

Please note: These insert strips do not contain any stiffener, which is great if you are sensitive to stiffening chemicals. However, if you are looking to also stiffen the crown please see our other crown repair strips that do contain water-activated stiffener.

3 Inserts included per unit.

U.S. Patent.

100% Money-Back Guarantee within 30 Days.

For information on Wholesale purchasing, email us at: cs@ultrafino.com

US Patent Pending

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Ligia Rodriguez
Repair Crown Insert Patch with Adhesive Backing

It worked perfectly, thank you very much.

Richard Rosswell
Good service

Needed a fix for an existing hat. If I win the C-note, my next Panama will be from Ultrafino! 😎

david clarke
Saved a favorite fedora

I’ve had my straw fedora for almost 20 years, and the crown was starting to split. I was afraid to make it worse, so I put it on a shelf hoping someone could repair it. While searching the internet I came across the Lashton repair inserts, I ordered them and following the easy instructions I inserted one into my beloved fedora, and good as new. The split has been stopped, and the insert blends beautifully to make it almost invisible. I highly recommend this product, well worth the investment

Susan Budd
Great product!

I quickly repaired my woven hat from Spain using the crown repair kit- giving new life to a favorite old accessory- with a lot of sentimental value. Great product, so glad I found.

Stuart Oellermann
Works well for making a repair.

Good product