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Paul Lashton Straw Hat Protector Kit

Water Repellent Video

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The Complete Hat Water Repellent Kit includes our premium repellent, handcrafted wood brush, hat wipes, and gloves, the essential products needed to provide a complete water repellent treatment to your straw hats.

Our premium repellent is specifically designed for organic fibers and creates an invisible, durable protective barrier over your Panama hat that effectively repels any water.

Included in the kit:

Premium Protection

  • Designed for organic fibers and creates an invisible protective barrier over your Panama hat that repels water.
  • 2 oz. bottle

Premium Horsehair Cleaning Brush

  • The bristles are made from 100% horsehair from the mane.
  • More details

Premium Wipes

  • Wet wipes made with mild straw cleaning formula to remove oil, sweat, and dirt stains.
  • More details


  • Non-Latex

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Protectant leaked significantly

Pros: The brush is nice and soft. The items in the kit were individually wrapped in sealed plastic. The sprayer on the protectant has an excellent fine mist distribution.
Cons: The top for the protectant was not (and cannot be) screwed on straight. The protectant leaked inside its shrink wrap. The other items were undamaged, but I only received 2/3 of a usable bottle of protectant. The protectant smells of acetone.

Steven F
Great kit

Perfect kit to look after my new Panama hat, came very quickly and is good quality.