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    U.S. Pat. Pending. No. 29/753,283,Ì_ 63/085,318

    Do you have a favorite hat whose crown has begun to tear? Or do you have a hat you would wish to protect from wear and tear?

    Try our crown repair strips for repairing and protecting the crowns of straw hats. The strips are 100% acid-free canvas and easy to apply, just dip the strip in water and mold it to the shape of your crown. Once the strip dries, it will harden and create a permanent patch, hiding and preventing any further tear.

    For large tears between 1"-2", use the D-strip. The d-strip is slightly harder to apply. For most small tears and general protection, the V-strip is sufficient and easier to use.

    3 Strips included per unit.

    Instructions For Use:

    1. Locate the tear and clean off any dust from the area.

    2. Dip the strip in water for 6-9 seconds. Make sure it is fully submerged.

    3. Place the wet strip with the yellow glue side down on the inside of the cracked crown.

    4. With your fingers, mold the strip to the inside of the crown. Make sure all air pockets are removed. Pay extra attention to the area near the tear, check that the strip is glued to both sides of the tear.

    5. Turn your hat upside down and leave it to dry overnight.

    6. Once the strip has dried, the strip should be hard and the tear should be less noticeable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Louis T.

    Repaired Panama hat bought in Cuenca, Ecuador and a rustic straw hat bought in Panama. Strips were simple easy to use and effective.

    Brad B.
    Lashton straw hat crown repair insert

    It worked well, .cause i didn't give up...better instructions could have helped..took 7 or 8 minutes to seat properly. I imagine a hernia mesh surgeon could make a easy job of fitting time I might cut or splice to fit did stick well when allowed to dry overnite..I think they should make a 2 pack with one of each instead of s 3 pack of same ones or maybe start making them in different a 8bunch square..

    Michael L.
    Paul Lashton Crown repair strips

    simple and easy to use

    Sverre O.
    Practical and easy repair of my favourite hat!

    I can now use with pride my old quality Panama, which I inherited from my grandfather who bought it in Equador long time ago.

    John J.
    New Life to an old hat

    It repaired one of my favorite straw hats. Some day I may need a new one!
    John J

    Michael M.
    Repair of Crown of my Hat

    Product worked perfectly! It took me two tries as I had not done the first time properly. Once I figured out my error the "Viola!" perfect fit and repair.