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Paul Lashton Straw Hat Cleaning Kit

Everything needed to provide your straw hat with a professional grade cleaning treatment. Our premium kit features our signature foaming cleaning solution that deep cleans to remove heavy stains while protecting the delicate straw. Comes in a durable vinyl bag to keep your items secure and organized. Meets TSA regulations for carry-on requirements. 

    Included in our cleaning kit:

    Premium Straw Hat Cleaner Ready-To-Use Foam

    • Premium Hat Cleaning solution as a convenient Ready-To-Use Foam! Precisely mixed with the perfect ratio of cleaning solution to water. This product effectively cleans and conditions, and is safe to use on all materials including Montecristi, Panama, straw hats and more. Add Paul Lashton RTU Foam to your arsenal for quick & easy cleaning.

    Premium Microfiber Towel

    • Paul Lashton Microfiber Towel is extremely absorbent, quick drying, lint-free and non-abrasive, which makes it the perfect material for wiping off excess

    Premium Horsehair Cleaning Brush

    • Remove dirt and grime with this brush. The bristles are made from 100% horsehair from the mane hairs rather than the tail which shed less and are gentle on the straw.
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    Premium Wipes

    • Wet wipes made with our mild straw cleaning formula. Gentle enough that it will not damage straw but strong enough to remove oil, sweat, and dirt stains.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Mad as a hatter

    I am writing to say I have been a lover of hats all my life as were my mother and grandfather.
    I lived in Britain and Spain where the hat is still
    worn with flair and as the French say : C’est très distingué.
    I particularly like a finely woven Panama Straw
    for summer and a cashmere cap or fedora in
    fall and winter. Seattle has mild winters so one
    can wear a wool hat for nine months.
    Ultrafino’s product is superb ; of a very high
    quality and at a reasonable price. I have also
    been impressed with their customer service ;
    I would highly recommend Ultrafino to everyone who loves quality hats.

    Good hat

    Good cleaning kit for a good hats

    What a fine hat needs

    A good hat should be properly cared-for. This kit fits the bill.

    Cleaning kit

    Definitely this product is very good to keep your hats in a good condition and so that they are never marked by daily use as long as it is used in the correct way, I have 5 Ultrafino hats and this cleaner keeps them always looking implacable.

    Cleaning Kit

    Bought this to go with my new hat, but cleaned up my 30 year old hat nicely.