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Straw Hat Care & Cleaning Kit




Get all of your essential hat care needs taken care of with our straw hat cleaning kit. Our kit will keep your straw hat looking just like the day you bought it.

Included in our cleaning kit:

Straw Hat Stiffener & Conditioner

  • Formulated to moisturize the straw to prevent cracking. Mixed with mild stiffener to maintain the block of your hat. Will not flake or discolor straw. Comes in a 2oz bottle that goes a long way.

Crown Repair & Protect Strips

  • Do you have a crown with a crack or do you want to prevent cracks entirely? Our Strips will prevent your crown (the most vulnerable part of a straw hat) from cracking or will close the gap and prevent further cracking from a crown that has already cracked. 3 Strips included.
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Horsehair Cleaning Brush

  • Remove dirt and grime with this brush. The bristles are made from 100% horsehair from the tail hairs rather than the mane which shed less and are gentle on the straw.
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Cleaning Wipes

  • Wet wipes made with our mild straw cleaning formula. Gentle enough that it will not damage straw but strong enough to remove oil, sweat, and dirt stains. 4 Wipes per packet.
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