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    Our premium straw stiffening solution is specifically designed for organic fibers and helps to retain your Panama hat's shape. Simply spray areas of the product you desire to be stiffened and allow to dry.


    1. Clean the hat: Assure that the hat is clean by brushing off and cleaning existing dirt or dust on the hat. Use wipes or a damp cloth to remove stubborn stains. It is recommended to put on gloves before the next step.

    2. Apply the spray: Clear the nozzle by doing a test spray away from the hat. Holding the bottle upright, evenly spray from 6" to 8" away, the outer surface of the area that requires stiffening. Do not oversaturate. Let hat dry for one hour. Keep hat in desired shape. You may form the shape to your liking.

    3. Dry before wearing: Allow the hat to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing. Apply a second coating for more stiffness.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Marcos A.

    Easy to use. convenient. works perfectly. What else could u ask for.

    Debora Z.
    Works great!

    This product worked as described and saved my straw hat from unraveling. It was delivered in a timely manner, the directions were easy to understand and it dried and stiffened quickly.


    Works as advertised. Instructions were easy to follow. Desired results achieved.

    G. L.
    Does what it says

    I bought a premium straw hat from a company that is known for making high quality, outdoor canvas hats and while I love the style of the hat, the brim is extremely floppy. I searched the internet and I found this product and I treated my hat, both sides of the brim and it is now stiff enough to keep from dipping on the sides and it makes the hat look much better than it did when I purchased it. This is the only product I will buy for stiffening my straw hats now.

    Jimmy M.
    Great straw hat spray

    This straw hat stiffener works exactly as advertised. I sprayed it on my Panama hat and it stiffened just as it should for me to shape. Great product!

    Harvey S.

    Got a new Panama hat but it was just too soft. This straw hat stiffener was made to order. Just a little spritz and voila. It was perfect. Great accessory.