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Paul Lashton Complete Straw Hat Repellent Kit




The Complete Hat Water Repellent Kit includes our premium repellent, handcrafted wood brush, hat wipes, and gloves, the essential products needed to provide a complete water repellent treatment to your straw hats.

Our premium repellent is specifically designed for organic fibers and creates an invisible, durable protective barrier over your Panama hat that effectively repels any water.


1. Brush off and clean any dirt or dust on hat.

2. Holding bottle upright, evenly spray entire hat from 6 to 8 away. Do not oversaturate.

3. Allow hat to dry for at least 24 hours. A second coating if you require a stronger repellent effect.

Note: While this product does provide significant water repelling, we still suggest never purposefully wearing your Panama hat in the rain.