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  • February 12, 2019 3 min read

    Here are some top picks for inspiration for your next sunny outfit.

    Popular Hats - Fedora Packable Hat
    Fedora Packable

    The Fedora Packable is the ultimate traveler's hat. Built to render a stunning traditional statement for the gentleman of distinction.

    Made using a specialized weaving technique called Cuenca Torcido that essentially twists the strands of straw during the weaving process allowing for astonishing levels of flexibility and durability. This type of weave is ideal for warm weather because it creates more space between the straw strands allowing for greater airflow to your head.

    Handwoven in Ecuador then blocked and finish in the USA. Handwoven from young, flexible leaves of the Toquilla palm in Ecuador.

    To pack this hat fold down the middle and stow this hat in a golf bag, a suitcase, or an airplane overhead. Avoid storing this hat in a crushed position for more than a couple hours. If any creases begin to appear, steam from a clothing iron can be used to remove the crease.

    Havana Retro Hat
    Havana Retro

    The Havana Retro is the perfect accessory to top off a tailored suit or t-shirt, shorts and, sandals. Designed for business, pleasure, and formal occasions. This hat is finished with a breathable sweatband and an elegant low-profile grosgrain hatband. Handwoven from the flexible leaves of the Carludovica palm in Ecuador, blocked and trimmed in the USA.

    Ready to go anywhere you are, the ultralightweight construction of this hat makes it practical for everyday wear. With the use of wood blocks, we've given this hat a timeless symmetrical and beautiful shape, topped with the enduring style of the teardrop crown. As a 100% Genuine Panama hat, it's made with top quality, making it easy to care for.

    Popular Hat - Authentic Classic Hat
    Authentic Classic

    The true Panama hat. The Authentic Classic is a timeless and classic hat featuring the traditional fedora crown blocking and wide brim. Elegant and simply perfect, made of 100% Toquilla straw, and imported from Ecuador where it is handwoven by master weavers. Finished in the United States.

    It's a fact of life that we must keep room for fun in our busy lives. So when you're enjoying a warm vacation, having the time of your life on an exotic beach or an eventful yacht; You'll be satisfied to receive many compliments about your classically simple appearance. With a 2 1/2 inch brim, this fedora offers excellent sun protection for any of the bright trips you'll be on.

    Popular - Authentic Classic Hat
    The Aficionado

    Dust off your boots or hit the beach. The Aficionado will stand through whatever adventures you throw its way. Handwoven in Ecuador, this hat has a reinforcing cloth inserted on the underside of the crown so it's shape and style will never fall flat. The braided band detail lends that rustic charm and is simply eye-catching. Ride off into the sunset, and see what awaits.

    If you're like most people, you'll probably want to keep the suns rays from your eyes. With a 3 inch brim, this hat is ideal for the most radiant of weather, keeping you cool under its shade. You'll be able to relax peacefully by the ocean side or calmly focus on hitting your golf ball on the green. It's functionality and superb fit makes it tailored to suit your needs.

    Popular - Gatsby Fedora Hat

    Made for the highly cultivated or those who enjoy sophistication and style. If your fashion taste buds are attuned to the custom mix of tradition and contemporary, then you will find this genuine Panama hat just the right accessorizing ingredient for your wardrobe. Hand-woven and hand-blocked making it a work of art. This hat exudes elegance and style.

    It's no secret that one's wardrobe cannot be completed without the perfect accessory; look no further than the Gatsby Fedora. With a quality that suits your style of living, this hat's suave and sophisticated look will have others mistake you for a Hollywood star. Its meticulous hand construction gives the hat a superior fit and durability. Indeed, a hat that makes a statement to anyone's appearance.