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  • September 01, 2016 4 min read

    A woman’s Panama hat is a versatile accessory that is essential in your wardrobe. Even if you do not consider yourself a hat person, straw Panama hats give you the option to dress up and accessorize any look while you are on the run. Woman’s Panama hats are made of straw with varying sizes of brims. They typically are a light yellow color but now come in many different colors and styles which make them easy to personalize for your wardrobe. Here are ten ideas of how to style a Panama hat for everyday wear.

    1. Pair It with Patterns

    Polka Dot Matching Set with a Straw Hat
    Photo by Jamie (petitepanoply on Flickr)
    A classic Panama hat is a light straw color with a black band, which makes it perfect to be paired with clothing that imitates the same light and dark pattern. Whether stripes or polka dots, patterns and Panama hats exude a sophistication perfect for a night downtown or just a classy out-and-about outfit.

    2. Go All-American

    Kendra in straw hat
    Photo by Michael Barker Studio
    Pair a Panama hat like this one with a pair of jean cut-offs and cowboy boots for an all-American style that is perfect for the hot summer weather and music festivals. Panama hats with a pinch in the front—that’s the two indents on either side of the crown—resemble the traditional Western cowboy hat with a bit more elegance.

    3. Accessorize Your Hat

    Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - panama hats
    Photo by

    photo on Flickr

    One of the perks to owning a woman’s Panama hat is that you can accessorize your hat to match your personality. The band of the hat can be changed depending on your mood. Some common styles include ribbon bows, flowers, and braids. Some of the Panama hats we carry with unique bands are the Bahamas Gambler with its wrapped stone band and the Vivianne Scoop Handwoven Visor with its straw bow. We sell accessories like feathers and colored hat bands, too. The fun of owning a Panama hat is that you can change it up by your mood, which gives you the flexibility to be fun, serious, sophisticated, casual—whatever matches your plans that day.

    4. Go Floppy at the Beach

    Floppy Hat
    Photo by MudflapDC on Flickr
    Pull out your floppy-brimmed Panama hat for the beach! A more relaxed brim adds a casual yet classiness to your beach attire. Plus, those big brims can protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Pair a wide-brimmed hat with a bright swimsuit or a sheer cover up whether you are playing in the water or just sunbathing on the beach.

    5. Be Dark and Edgy

    Black - panama hat
    Photo by Megan Tedrow
    The traditional Panama hat comes in a natural wheat color; however, a dark dyed Panama hat like the Malibu Gambler can add an edginess to your look. Pair your hat with a dark, vampy lipstick or a black trench coat, and you will be set to take on the streets with an air of intimidation. The darker color also tends to read sophistication for the mature woman looking for something a bit different to add to her wardrobe.

    6. Make a Color Statement

    Butterfly Butterfly panama hat
    Photo by Mark Dodds
    Color statements in a woman’s Panama hat can range from straw hats dyed any color you desire to the more subtle accents such as a colorful band or even a small accent like a feather or flower. Make a color statement to match your outfit or make it even more subtle—match your wallet or your shoes to add just something a little special.

    7. Wear the Flare

    1973 DIY Fashion, 2-Page Ad Layout, Campus Jackets, Skirts, & Flared Bottom Pantsuits
    Photo by Classic Film on Flickr
    You need a wide-brimmed hat to go with your wide-legged pants that are coming back in style once again. Your hat will perfectly compliment a flowy pair of slacks or a pant and crop top combo. Bring your Panama hat on your next tropical vacation because it will accentuate the relaxed movement that wide-legged pants have and add to the tropical resort style.

    8. Dress Up Your Jeans

    Liminality + Week end
    Photo by Giuseppe Orrú
    An Ultrafino Panama hat is one of the guaranteed quickest ways to dress up your casual outfit. Plus, it’s a swift fix to a bad hair day. Choose a woman’s Panama hat with a smaller brim so that it won’t get in the way of running errands or going shopping, whatever you have planned that day. Lots of women avoid hats because they don’t feel dressed up enough to wear them, but let the hat dress you up. You can still be comfortable in your jeans and rock a Panama hat.

    9. Accent the Maxi

    Still some summer left (4)
    Photo by Wen Chen
    Maxi skirts and dresses are comfortable to wear all around the year, and Panama hats accent them so well. A large, floppy hat is perfect for your summer needs while a more traditional style compliments heavier autumn and winter styles. Look for more structure during the colder months while a floppy brim is more suitable for spring and summer.

    10. Have a Good Hair Day

    Photo by Corrine Klug
    Wearing a hat doesn’t always have to mean a bad hair day. There are a lot of fashionable and chic options to wear your hair in while you wear your Panama hat. Braids have always been very popular with Panama hats but consider also doing a low side ponytail or a low topknot to compliment your hat. Hats are not just for our Rapunzels either. Pixie cuts can be really flattered, especially with fedora type Panama hats like the Fedora Bellini Trilby hat.
    These have been ten ideas for dressing up your woman’s Panama hat. We’re also curious what your favorite ways to wear your Panama hats are. Please let us know in the comments below, and feel free to include a picture, too!
    Written by Brynn Tweeddale of Brynnita.com