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  • Hat Care
  • June 09, 2017 2 min read

    Nothing beats casually strolling down the beach, spending time on the golf course, or enjoying the sights and sounds of the city while looking radiant in a one-of-a-kind Panama hat. Nonetheless, nothing is more disappointing than when your cherished hat is lopsided and suddenly without its classic shape. With the simple application of steam, your hat can be looking new in no time flat.

    Take Proper Care of Your Hand-Woven Straw Hat

    To ensure your Ecuadorian woven hat is always perfect condition, care must be taken to retain its signature shape and style that is the perfect accessory to your ensemble. It takes time for a luxury straw hat to be made into a unique work of art by a skilled artisan. Handmade summer and winter hats made with such care should be treated with the respect that went into their creation. The hand-woven toquilla straw fibers are delicate, and they must be properly handled to avoid damage to their natural beauty. Your straw hat may become misshapen from improper handling, transportation, and storage. Exposing the hat to excessive moisture levels, allowing the hat to become too dried out, incorrectly attempting to repair the hat's shape, and poor cleaning practices are mistakes that hat owners often make that contribute to a misshapen appearance. Hat-lovers can give their straw hats the love they truly deserve by following a few simple steps to assure that their hat is always ready for a beautiful day in the sun and with them for many fashionable years. Check out our article Caring For Your Hat for more tips on how to keep your Panama hat in top condition.

    Restoring a Straw Hat’s Shape: The Steam Method

    Your straw hat can be reshaped to a perfect fit by simply using steam. This method can be performed right at home and takes a short amount of time so you and your hat can shape up right in time for your special event. To rid your straw hat of unwanted wrinkles, fix an undesirable crooked shape, or adjust the hat size, simply apply steam to give your hat the right amount of moisture needed to look its best.

    Moisten and Steam Your Hand-Woven Straw Hat

    As long as a hand-woven Panama hat does not have an inner wiring, using the steam method will not cause damage. Be sure to check inside before applying hot steam to your favorite straw hat. Use the steam from a teakettle heated over the stove. In order to prevent injury from the hot steam, a safe distance of 6-8 inches should be kept from the kettle's spout. Make sure the straw material is damp all throughout, then smooth and reshape any imperfections with your hands. To repair the brim, apply a heavy object to flatten curled edges. Once you have restored your hat to the desired shape, allow for the hat to cool and dry. Now you and your straw hat are looking your best, and you are ready to take on the finest experiences the world has to offer.