Pilot Trooper Aviator Cap


Stay extra warm this winter season and have a great aviator look with this Faux Leather Aviator Hat. This aged faux leather-like, thick trooper hat features a 4 inches deep crown, fully lined with a plush faux fur-like material to ensure you stay warm and bundled no matter the weather. Attached w...
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Paul Lashton Water Repellent Spray


Our premium repellent is specifically designed for organic fibers and creates an invisible, durable protective barrier over your Panama hat that effectively repels any water. HOW TO USE 1. Brush off and clean any dirt or dust on the hat.2. Holding bottle upright, evenly spray entire hat from 6 t...
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Roadmaster Driving Classic Leather Ivy Cap


The Roadmaster, constructed of top grain smooth leather, invokes images of a young Brando sitting astride a vintage motorcycle in a classic black and white movie pose. This is an ivy cap made from soft. Smooth and comfortable sweatband makes this cap perfect for any time of year. A cap that keeps...
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Manhattan Fedora Wool Felt Dress Hat


Reminiscent of the 1920's gangster era, this classic high-quality felt fedora is a fashion statement on any occasion. Whether you're dressing dapper for a formal event or adding an accessory to your sleek wardrobe, this snap-brim hat is versatile all year round. With its sturdy and durable design...
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Champlain Fleece Lined Cap With Ear Flaps


Row your boat across a glassy lake or wander through the woods, the Champlain is the perfect accessory. The rugged, weathered cotton shell is just the right shade of outdoorsman casual. The bill shades your eyes from sun or wind. The fleece-lined interior adds softness and warmth, complete with f...
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English Driver Herringbone Wool Ivy Cap


Comfortable, classic, practical, stylish, and affordable, all at the same time. Perfect for sport-coats and sweaters. This First Class Ivy is smooth with quilted interior lining. Warm and fantastic black/ white herringbone pattern. It has double-stitched reinforced seams and cotton sweatband fo...
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Crooner Wool Felt Snap Brim Fedora Trilby Hat


Timeless. Classic. Always in style. The Crooner is a fedora for the modern man. Made of 100% wool felt, the Crooner has that certain something that sets you apart. Customize your look with the special snap brim wear it up when you're palling around, or down when you want that hint of mystery. Dre...
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Bentley Outback Crushable Wool Hat


This genuine wool felt hat is trimmed with a genuine leather band. Packable, lightweight with water repellent. It's rugged enough to be folded, stuffed and then shaken back into its original shape. (Happens to the best of us.) You can wear with anything - shorts, jeans, formal or informal occasio...
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Paul Lashton Complete Straw Hat Repellent Kit


The Complete Hat Water Repellent Kit includes our premium repellent, handcrafted wood brush, hat wipes, and gloves, the essential products needed to provide a complete water repellent treatment to your straw hats. Our premium repellent is specifically designed for organic fibers and creates an in...
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Ushanka Trooper Faux Fur Bomber Hat


Made with rich faux leather and trimmed with warm faux fur. Water repellent. This hat has three positions that allow for any weather: with the flaps all the way up, with the flaps partially down to cover the ears, or with the flaps tied under the chin. The inside of the hat is fully lined with st...
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Huskie Ushanka Soft Faux Fur Trapper Hat


Great for this winter season, this trapper is guaranteed to keep your head warm and comfortable. The faux fur is so soft and fluffy you and your friends will not be able to resist touching it. In fact, you might not even want to ever take it off! You can rest assured no animals were hurt in the m...
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Mallard Earflaps Herringbone Wool Ivy Cap


This Ivy cap is very nice and fully lined to keep your head warm and cozy during cold days! Comfortable, classic, practical, stylish, and affordable, all at the same time. Perfect for sport coats and sweaters. It's fully lined. This first class ivy is smooth with quilted interior lining. Warm and...
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Button Victorian Tall Wool Top Hat


Great for the tuxedo events, prom, formals, weddings or any rock roll events or whatever you want it for. Almost identical to the style worn by Slash. In the days when most men aspired to the status of a gentleman, the top hat was the outward and visible sign that they had succeeded. Beautifully ...
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Newsie Faux Leather Ivy Newsboy Cap with Lined Interior


On the front page of fashion, the Newsie never goes out of style. Durable construction in high quality, buttery imitation leather, the Newsie can handle anything mother nature has in store. Lined for extra warmth and comfort. Available in your choice of inky black or deep chocolate brown perha...
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New Jersey Plaid Ivy Cap with Fleece Ear Flaps


Perfect for cold weather, this wool newsboy will keep your head warm with its micro-fleece ear flaps and quilted interior. The wool and fleece allows your head to breath and absorbs excess moisture to keep you warm but dry. We know that cold wind can make your ears hurt which is why this newsboy ...
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Astro Hatter Victorian Top Hat


The Astro Hatter is a top-stitched top hat with a simple slim profile and steampunk hardware decorating one side. The detailed headband also gives a modern feel. This classic wool felt hat has a unique touch, perfect for a costume or a contemporary look. Brim Size: About 2 - 2 1/8 Inches Wide Cr...
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Sebastian Victorian Wool Top Hat


This Victorian Deluxe Topper Hat will give you the independence and flamboyance, fusing glorification of the past with contemporary fashion just as you were looking for! This style topper is often associated with the England of Charles Dickens and is the most popular top hat during the Christmas ...
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Jeeves Ivy Newsboy Cap With Fleece Lined Interior


A driving cap for any occasion, the Jeeves is in a class all by itself. Fastidious but not fussy, the difference is in the details. Classic dove gray paired with a surprising and sophisticated orange stripe, with a crisp button-snap brim. Fleece-lined interior, complete with fleece ear flaps w...
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