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The Felt Trilby Fedora has been a staple of fashion for many decades. The trilby is a narrow-brimmed hat which is often seen at horse races and traditionally worn by people of high social status. Snap brim refers to the short brim which has been "snapped down" at the front and raised at the back, generally a standard fedora will have a wider brim that is flatter. This hat is well built to resist moderate crushing and light rain. Our felt trilbies are blocked to have the classic tear-drop crown design as seen on genuine Panama hats. Although commonly noted as a men's hat, this trilby will look great on women as well. Use it casually or for dress, this hat will go well with any suit.

  • Brim Size: About 2" Inches
  • Crown Height: About 4.5 inches

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This is a masterpiece.

i bought this hat by ebay.
it's looking is very very good.
this is too good so that i worry if i can not buy this hat next time because of out of stock..
i want to buy this one after my hat polluted..