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Classico Trilby Snap Brim Straw Fedora Panama Hat




A hand-made beauty crafted solely by hand in Ecuador. This trilby is lightweight, comfortable and most importantly, elegant. The name trilby refers to a narrow-brimmed hat which is often seen at horse races and traditionally worn by people of high social status. Snap brim refers to the short brim which has been "snapped down" at the front and raised at the back, generally a standard fedora will have a wider brim that is flatter. What makes this hat stand out from other trilbies is it's unique "wide-pinch" block on the crown. This clever block shape protects the straw at the tip of the crown from cracking and splitting.

  • Brim Width: 2 Inches
  • Brim and crown measurements may vary slightly since this product is handwoven

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