Wool Felt Trilby Snap Brim Fedora Hat


The Felt Trilby Fedora has been a staple of fashion for many decades. The trilby is a narrow-brimmed hat which is often seen at horse races and traditionally worn by people of high social status. Snap brim refers to the short brim which has been "snapped down" at the front and raised at the back,...
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Tusco Wool Plaid Ivy Cap Newsboy Hat with Ear Flaps


Our Tusco Cap is designed to keep you warm as well as in style this season. Features ear flap lined with micro-fleece for extra warmth and protection from the cold. Ear flaps can be worn down for cold protection or up if classic ivy look is desired. Outer shell is made from premium wool blend. In...
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Arctic Trapper Ripstop Faux Fur Bomber Hat


Extremely soft, warm, and comfortable bomber hat with faux fur trim. Made from incredibly durable ripstop nylon, this hat resists tears and is very lightweight. Ripstop fabric also dries quickly in case the hat gets wet. The earflaps can be worn down for extra warmth or neatly folded up and attac...
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Baltic Trapper Ski Cap Faux Fur Bomber Hat


Designed for snow and winter activities, this trapper hat is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry this season. Constructed with two different fabrics for wear during both day and night. The shell is made from high-tech Rayosan® fabric that  protects from harmful UV rays such as those from snow gla...
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