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Russian Trooper Soft Fur Ushanka



Size (need help?)

Size Guide

Determining your hat size is quick and easy. All you need is a tape measure or string that can be measured.

  1. Place the tape around your head right above your ear. It should across your mid-forehead, 1/8" above your ear, completely circling your head, and taut.
  2. Then use the chart below to find your 'Fitted' size. If you are in between sizes choose the next largest size.
  3. If you would like additional help, please watch our video on how to properly measure your head.

Full Faux Fur Russian Ushanka Hat. Premium quality faux fur Russian hat. This Russian hat is completely covered with soft fur. This hat has three positions that allow for any type of weather: with the flaps all the way up, with the flaps partially down to cover the ears, or with the flaps tied under the chin. Russian hats have become more and more popular all over the world and are now very recognizable and fashionable. Perfect for skiing, hunting, fishing or whatever you do outside in the winter. For men or women.