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A hand-made beauty crafted solely by hand in Ecuador. This trilby is lightweight, comfortable and most importantly, elegant. The name trilby refers to a narrow-brimmed hat which is often seen at horse races and traditionally worn by people of high social status. Snap brim refers to the short brim which has been "snapped down" at the front and raised at the back, generally a standard fedora will have a wider brim that is flatter. What makes this hat stand out from other trilbies is it's unique "wide-pinch" block on the crown. This clever block shape protects the straw at the tip of the crown from cracking and splitting.

  • Brim Width: 2 Inches
  • Brim and crown measurements may vary slightly since this product is handwoven

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Davis
Class act

Now own several Ultrafino hats, both casual and others a little more formal like this one. As usual it is a very well designed and constructed hat and it elicits numerous favorable comments every time I wear it. Keep ‘em coming!

Christopher Gillard
Great hat!

I really like this hat and I’m looking for more in the older fedora style and snap brim. This is a nice complement to my other hats.

Good Looking Hat

This is my second hat purchased from Ultafino, the first was a Montecristi which I understand will be back on the market in a few days. For the price I have nothing but praise for Classico Trilby. The fit (I wear a large) was dead on and the hat matches all the photos on the website. I enjoy having the option of wearing a hat with a narrow brim such as this one and I received compliments on it's appearance the first day I wore it. If this is the look you seek pull the trigger and get yours today, you will not be disappointed.

Thomas Draude
Very Nice !

Very well made hat. Good looking with quality detailing. The crown is more rounded and will probably be less prone to cracking. I have another hat from a different company that cracked on the sharper crown and needed to be repaired after wearing it a few times.