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Paul Lashton Premium Leather Chin Strap


Working hard, constantly moving outside in the sun? Repeatedly finding yourself holding on to your hat, struggling to keep it in place especially on windy days? With this very functional, high-quality leather chin strap, your hat will stay secure while also adding extra style. With the use of two cotter pins, this accessory is easy to install, adjust, and remove; just slide the pins between the area where the sweatband and inner hat meet, installing one on each side. Not only is the strap made of an Oil Wax leather material that makes it both durable and lightweight, but it also adds a fashionable look to any attire.

  • Made by a local Seattle artisan
  • Easy installation. Caution: Follow the included instructions carefully to prevent any damage to the hat or sweatband.
  • Should fit onto almost any straw Panama hat.
  • Securely keeps hat from falling off.
  • Strap is 22 inches long.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Steven Goossen
Security in the wind

I have owned enough hats to know that one gust of wind and the hat is off my head and down the road. I bought the leather chin strap for security, plus I like the look. It's pretty cool. Just the correct length for me; feels strong, and you can tell it's genuine leather. Directions are given to attach to the hat. It's secure; you won't have to worry about it coming off.

simon horgan
great strap

well made, good quality, clever design

ed durfey
chin strap

it works & easy to install

Jesse Anderson
Great upgrade

It gets windy sometimes. Rather than risk running after your prized headwear, make a quick modification that can help ensure your hat stays with you, and clean as well.
Certainly worth the modest expense!

Scott Nulton
Really helps on those windy days

I wear my hat mainly when golfing. With the wind we get on the local courses, I was losing my hat regularly before attaching the Chin Strap. Being leather it will be the best attachment for my UltraFina Stetson.

Malcolm Stuart
At Last

At ast I can finally wear my panama hat without any worries of the wind blowing it into the sea.