Ultrafino Hat Box


Our Ultrafino branded hat box is the best way to store your hat(s) at home or for travel. Your hat will fit snug within the box preventing your hat from moving around and damaging the crown or brim. Finished in white with our elegant minimalist logo on the top and the side of the box. Note: Thi...
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The Original Hat Size Reducer


Have you ever purchased a beaver, wool, felt, straw, Panama hat or a Montecristi hat, but it turns out to be a bit too large? Now you can use these foam size reducer strips to get the perfect fit and eliminate a loose fit! The two 8-inch strips are self-adhesive on one side and made with 1/8"-thi...
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208" Hat Size Reducer Large Roll


If you've purchased any of our hats, but it is just a bit too large, you can get a perfect fit with our size reducers! Includes a large 208-inch roll for many uses. The roll is self-adhesive on one side with 1/8"-thick durable quality foam. Trim to desired size, peel the backing, and place inside...
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Verano Floral Pattern Hatband


Add a vibrant summer pop to your brimmed hat. Introducing our floral pattern hatbands featuring hibiscus flowers, palm trees, and colorful leafs. An Interchangeable replacement hatband for brimmed hats. Our hatbands allow you to easily change the accent band on your hat to match your personal s...
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