Crown Insert Repair Strips for All Hats


Do you have a favorite hat who's crown has begun to tear? Or do you have a hat you would wish to protect from wear and tear? Try our crown repair strips for repairing and protecting the crowns of straw hats. The strips are 100% acid-free and easy to apply, just dip the strip in water and mold it...
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Straw Hat Cleaner Wipes


Use these cleaner wipes to remove dirt or light stains from your straw hat. Safe to use on Panama, Montecristi, Toquilla, Toyo, Shautang, Raffia, Milan, and similar straw.  These wipes contain professional hat cleaner and straw hat moisturizer. Straw hats that are moisturized are less likely to c...
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Sweat Guard Protective Insert Pad


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Protect your favorite hat from sweat stains using this insert pad. Made of highly absorbent fabric, this pad keeps your sweat out of your eyes and prevents your sweat from reaching the hat. Easy to install, simply peel off the adhesive backing and place it within your hat.
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Hat Stretcher


Hat stretcher for increasing your hat's size. Designed in wood and metal.  Insert the stretcher into the hat, and then turn the knob clockwise to begin stretching the hat. Leave the hat stretcher in overnight, or for 24-48 hours. The longer the hat stretcher is inside, the more your hat will st...
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